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  • ZiBo Luyuan Industrial Catalyst Co.,Ltd.

  • TEL:0533-7700666
  • FAX:0533-7706888
  • E-MAIL:ly7700666@126.com
  • ADDRESS:shandong zibo JingZhong industrial zone
About Us
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we are dedicated to providing licensing, consulting and marketing services for chinese enterprises and overseas enterprises.

as a special manufacturers with the integration of scientific research, development and production, situated in linzi-the ancient capital of qi kingdom in the spring and autumn period of and the period of warring states, with particularly favorable national conditions. being nearly to qilu petrochemical industrial corp. to its south and shengli oil fied to its south, and very convenient communications for jinan- qingdao expressway running from the east to west of linzi, zibo luyu industry and trade co., ltd.
mainly produces oil refined assistants, catalysts for transforming synthetic ammonia, refined desulfurizing catalysts, sulfur-recovery catalysts, hydrogen-making catalysts and other more than 30 kinds of catalysts and assistants.
we have made long-term cooperative relationships with the research institute of qilu petrochemical industrial corp., taiyuan science & engineering university, beijing oil scientific research institute and other instituted and offices of scientific research,.
and we also have established our scientific research and development organizations and after-service organizations. we have won the titles of the high and new technological enterprises of shandong province, one of the key standard-quality enterprise s of chemical products by national supervision and test, one of the tri-agents supplying network members of sino-petrochemical s and sino-oil. the recommended appointed unit of selected and used products for chemical engineering construction standard, the national outstanding chemical enterprises and the unit of aaa-quality trusted members. we have also passed the certification of iso9001:2000 international quality management system.
the products include oil refining, chemical fertilizer, natural gas and that of other industries. we now have nearly 200 customers. it is our aim to make the customers’ satisfactory. we keep the principle of making our development with science and technology and dong innovation with management. we make go forward hand to hand and make our future development with our quality products, fine and sincere services.

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