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LYT-710 Iron-Molybdenum Hydrogenation Catalyst

1. Feature and purpose
    LYT-710 coke-oven gas hydrogenation reforming catalyst is a new organic sulfur hydrogenation reforming catalyst with the carrier of γ–A12O3 and the active components of iron and molybdenum. It has the feature of small bulk density, large specific area of pore volume, active components of homogeneous distribution, high activity of hydrodesulfurization and olefin saturation and fine stable activity. This catalyst is applicable in the hydroconversion in the coke -woven gas and meanwhile to make hydrogenation saturation of olefin in gas for protecting the applications of various following catalysts. It also has higher hydro-conversion rate.
    This catalyst is mainly used in the course of hydroconversion to remove organic sulfur and unsaturated hydrocarbon with the CO content of under 10% and the raw material of coke-oven gas of olefin content about 5%. It will have the conversion rate of organic sulfur will be over 97% for the coke-oven gas containing organic sulfur 100~300mg/Nm3 under the conditions of airspeed 500~2000h-1, reacting temperature 250~450℃ (Optimum 320~420℃),pressure 0.8~5.0Mpa (1.4~4.0 Mpa).
2. Physical and chemical index

 3. Normal operating conditions
        Pressure/Mpa           0.8~4.0
        Temperature/℃         250~450
        Airspeed, h-1           500~1500
        4. Package, transportation and storage
        LYT-710 coke-oven-gas hydrogenation reforming catalyst is put into the plastic woven bags with inner plastic bags. It has the name, net weight, batch No. and production date on the outside of bags. It will be covered and kept from damp, vibration and strong impact. It is forbidden to roll and throw the catalyst barrels in transportation and handling. It should be stored in the dry and ventilated storehouses and paid attention to moisture-proof. It is forbidden to contact with acids and the hazardous substances of alkali chemical reagent to avoid affecting the activity of catalyst.
        (Note: The document about the filling, sulfuration and operating specifications will be provided separately)  

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