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LYT - 704G Protective Agent for Hydroprocessing Catalyst

1. Feature and purpose
     For improving the yield of light oil in the coking unit, deformer is added in the coke tower generally. And deformer will go into a fractionating tower first and then going into gasoline and light diesel after being fractionated. The silicon in deformer will sediment in the pores of catalyst for blocking and causing catalyst deactivation during the hydrorefining period of coked gasoline and coked diesel. LYT―704G protective agent for hydroprocessing catalyst is made by the carrier of micropore g-Al2O3 and the active component MO and Ni. The catalyst has a clover shape with the porosity over 50% and the feature of high activity of demetalization, high activity of desilicication, high silicon capacity and lowered bed pressure.
2. Quality index




Pale yellow clover bars

Size, (mm)


Specific surface area (m2/g)


Pore volume (ml/g)


Average crushing density (N/cm)


Normal filling bulk density (g/ml)


Active component

Ni, Mo

     LYT―704G protective agent for hydroprocessing catalyst is put into the hard fiber cans with covers and inner plastic bags. It has the name, net weight, batch No. and production date on the outside of cans. It will be covered and kept from damp, vibration and strong impact. It is forbidden to roll and throw the catalyst barrels in transportation and handling. It should be stored in the dry and ventilated storehouses and paid attention to moisture-proof. It is forbidden to contact with acids and the hazardous substances of alkali chemical reagent to avoid affecting the activity of catalyst.
    (Note: The document about the filling, sulfuration and operating specifications will be provided separately)

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