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LYT - 704 Protective Agent for Hydroprocessing Catalyst

1. Feature and purpose
     Being with the carrier of inert alumina modified by alkaline minerals, the shape of honeycomb structure and the active component containing a few of Mo-Ni, LYT―704 Protective Agent for Hydroprocessing Catalyst can make organic iron hydrogenolysis and translate it into ferric sulfide to sediment in the pore canal for the purpose of removing metals in the raw materials and protecting hydrorefining and hydrocracking catalyst. It is applicable in the devices for distillate, hydrocracking, hydrogenation of heavy oil and others. It has the feature of high density, high resisting ability of carbon deposit, large diameter, large volume and low specific area, is as the protective agent of refining catalyst in hydroprocess to play the role of deferrization, ferric absorption, dirty absorption, effectively controlling the differential pressure increasing in the reactor and prolong the running period of devices. 

2. Quality index




Little yellow little balls

Size, (mm)


Average crushing density (N/cm)


Bulk density (g/ml)


Active component

Ni, Mo

3. Applying conditions
     (1) Material: It is applicable to translate and remove the ferric ion, vanadium ion and other metal ion in base oil in the hydroprocessing of distillate and heavy oil and also has the protective effects to hydrorefining catalyst and hydrocracking catalyst.
     (2) Operating pressure: 4.0~20.0Mpa
     (3) Applicable temperature: 250~400℃
     (4) Liquid airspeed: 10.0~20.0h-1
4. Package, transportation and storage
     LYT―704 protective agent for hydroprocessing catalyst is put into the hard fiber cans with covers and inner plastic bags. It has the name, net weight, batch No. and production date on the outside of cans. It will be covered and kept from damp, vibration and strong impact. It is forbidden to roll and throw the catalyst barrels in transportation and handling. It should be stored in the dry and ventilated storehouses and paid attention to moisture-proof. It is forbidden to contact with acids and the hazardous substances of alkali chemical reagent to avoid affecting the activity of catalyst.
    (Note: The document about the filling, sulfuration and operating specifications will be provided separately)

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