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LYT - 109 Composite Oxide Fine Desulfurizer

1.Performance feature and purpose
Against the disqualification of liquefied gas in the refinery and the corrosion testing of naphtha copper sheet, LYT—109 composite oxide fine desulfurizer has been developed in our company. It has following features:
(1) High desulfurization efficiency: When H2S≤1000PPm in the inlet, H2S≤0.1PPm in the outlet.
(2) Fast reacting speed: The LPG desulfurization test shows that the copper sheet corrosion of liquefied gas could be still reduced to 0~1 grade from 3~4 grade under the condition of liquid airspeed up to 20h-1.
(3) Large capacity of working sulfur: The sulfur capacity is over 20% in a one-time fine H2S desulfurization.
(4) High density and fine water resistance: The density had not been changed after testing with the fast pressurization and pressure relief for 100 times under the pressure 12Mpa and not pulverized after 24-hour being boiled and 30-day being immersed.
(5) Wide use range: It can be used under the aerobic or anaerobic conditions at temperature 0~90℃.
The fine desulfurizer is applicable in the H2S fine desulfurization and elemental sulfur for light hydrocarbon, petroleum liquid gas, naphtha, gasoline, coal oil and diesel and other various oils to solve the problem of copper sheet corrosion thoroughly, and used with COS hydrolyst to be up to H2S+COS<0.1PPm.

2.Principle of desulfurization
MO+H2S=MS+H2O, M refers to metal.
It will produce stable sulfide by the reactions of H2S or elemental sulfur and active metallic oxide for the purpose of desulfurization.

3.Main physical performance and quality index

Table 1        Main physical & chemical performance index

for LYT—109 fine desulfurizer at normal temperature


 Brown bars

 Specific area, m2/g


Granularity (mm)


 Pressure intensity, N/cm


Chemical components

 ZnO, Fe2O3, NiO,

 Ratio of pore volume, ml/g


Bulk density, kg/l





Table 2                Main technological index of  

LYT—109 fine desulfurizer at normal temperature

Density, N/cm


H2S sulfur capacity, Wt%


4. Normal conditions of operation and application
Liquid airspeed: 0.5~5h-1
Temperature: 0~90℃
Pressure: Normal pressure~8.0Mpa
High-diameter ratio: 3~5

5.Package, transportation and storage
(1) The fine desulfurizer is put into the plastic woven bags (fiber cans) with inner plastic bags and sealed bag mouths after being sieved with 25~50L for each bag.
(2) The packed products should be put into the dry storehouses and forbidden to be affected with damp and pollution.
(3) It is forbidden to toss the products and must have rainproof facility to avoid fine desulfurizer be affected with damp during transport.
(4) The period of validity is 2 years from the finished date of products. It should be retested after 2 years and qualified rear can use.

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