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Resistance to sulfur shift catalyst

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LYB - H Protective Agent for Sulfur Tolerant Shift Catalyst


 1. Performance feature
    LYB-B Protective agent for Sulfur Tolerant Shift Catalyst is supporting developed protective agent for CO sulfur tolerant shift catalyst and has the feature of high mechanical strength, fine structure stability and high deoxidizing ability to desorbe or absorb the oxygen, tar and other impurities or poisons and a protection for CO sulfur tolerant shift catalyst. And it has a conversion activity for itself for prolonging the service life of catalyst. 
    2. Physical and chemical properties of catalyst




Grey green bars or blue green bars

Outline dimensions, mm 


Bulk density, kg/m2


Crushing strength, N/cm

120Average value

Specific surface area, m2/g

70before the vulcanization

CoO, % (m/m)


 MoO3, % (m/m)


    3. Process conditions
    Operation pressure, Mpa:~9.0MPa
    The best used temperature, ℃: 200~500
    Initial inlet temperature, ℃: 20 above dew point temperature
    Heat-resistance temperature, ℃: 550
    Heat-resistance time, h: 4~6
    Airspeed (dry basis) h-1:1000~6000
    Water/gas, mol/mol: ~1.8
    4. Packaging, storage and transportation
    LYB-B protective agent for sulfur tolerant shift catalyst is packed in the fiber cans with inner plastic bags (or as per customers). It should avoid rolling, impacting and strenuous vibrating for no crushing. The final packed products should be put into the dry storehouses without contacting with other chemicals to keep from pollution, moisture and breaking.  

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